Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Trip to the Hills

The woods were dark and deep and beckoned me to keep,
their memories in my heart so deep.

The rustle of leaves and the humming of the bees,
the gurgling of the brook and chirping on the trees.

These were the sounds that echoed in me long and clear,
and give me comfort still in all these years.

The roads that wound and wound upon the hills so tall,
clouds flew across my face, and rains were about to fall.

We were drenched, the hills and the birds and all,
that walked on land and flew and crawled.

Mists rose to welcome me in their domains,
and wrapped me round in thin silvery veils.

The valleys wore a somber look that day,
and enticed me with their silence to just walk and stay.

One more day till I heard them all,
the song of the trees and the withered leaf's fall.

© 2015 Abhijit Pandit