Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Crumbled City

The dins of the city never did fade away,
even as the sun faded over the earthy rim.
Roads of asphalt run long and grey,
even as stony churches sing their sacred hymns.

The painted lights became strong and bold,
even as the moon stares in its sombre light.
The smoke and dust so freshly rolled,
even as the stars perform their daily rites.

The wheels run tireless in their unseen quests,
even as lonely souls trudge on and on.
Jealousy nests behind swollen chests,
even as languid eyes wore a look forlorn.

Hungry hands lay outstretched,
even as the taverns spilled with lust.
Remains of dreams lay thinly etched,
even as their ashes mingled away with dust.

The city lay in sweet reverie,
even as hopes lay asunder.
Singing songs shorn of melody,
even as thieves loot and plunder.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Romance in the Skies

Slowly the moon rose above the horizon,
blushing red like a newly-wed maiden.

It peeps into the still waters of the lake,
before the amorous senses get fully awake.

The stars twinkle and gather round,
lighting the way for a maiden newly crowned.

The thin clouds glide to and fro,
cleaning the face shining aglow.

It rests its head into the arms of night,
never letting it go out of sight.

They roam the skies and go for a walk,
high above the green vales and shimmering lochs.

This is a love story forever told,
eternally young and never getting old.

Between an amorous night and a blushing moon,
a romance springs into an eternal bloom.
                                                                                                                         © 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Siege of the Moon

The clouds will now cover a pale moon.
The moon, once bright and high, will be gone soon.

It will leave the sky dark again,
the darkness that permeates every corner, every lane.

The darkness embraces the trees too,
and envelopes the lakes, hiding them from view.

The rampaging clouds will gather in throngs,
coming in armies, a thousand strong.

The clouds, oh these scheming clouds!
casting a shadow, covering like a shroud.

These are wanderers in the night,
covered in shining armour, soft and white.

Adrift on a vagabond wind,
which flew over with noisy screams.

The moon lay hidden from view,
bereft of its rays, which it so gracefully threw.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Song of the Peasants

Sitting by the window one day,
I sang a tune which I remember to this day.

I heard it while going to the vales,
where the maidens carry water in their earthen pails.

The peasants cut the crop clean,
the sweat on their brow which is hardly seen.

Where the dust settles on the village streets,
only to be thrown away by the bullock's feet.

Dancing in circles, hand in hand,
they tell a tale of their native land.

Singing away a song so sweet,
the hills seem to sway to the rhythmic beat.

The birds stop in their flights,
the singing goes on in the moonlight.

The bells on the lass's feet cling on,
as the dancing goes on and on.

The song of the peasants echo in my ears,
so sweet a tune, I haven't heard in years.

                                                                                                     © 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Poem on Music

I wonder why they sing every day,
the farmers in the fields, cutting wheat and hay.

I wonder why the bird sings on that tree,
filling the air with its melodious tweets.

Why the baby goes to sleep,
when the mother sings a song so deep.

We feel happy when we sing,
light as a feather and soft as a wing.

Music brings joy to us all,
whether rich or poor, small or tall.

We can sing when we feel sad,
on good days and bad.

We can sing when we feel free,
and fly like a bird, singing with glee.

There is no joy greater than this,
the music in us all, which we sing with bliss.

                                                                                                           © 2013 Abhijit Pandit