Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The barren oak

The leafless oak stood there in all its nakedness,
as the winter bore its cruel mark.
Leaves fell in a destined array on the barren earth,
as the winds will take them far... very far.

The tangled branches shot up in the air,
alas, no one will hear their cry.
Praying, silently, for the rain to come,
staring up in the sky.

It lay its soul bare for all to see,
for all to hear, for all to feel.
But no eyes will see a barren oak,
stripped of its leaves to the last degree.

Gone are the leaves, gone is the foliage green,
gone is the shade, nobody knew when it was last seen.
Gone are the birds, gone are their nests too,
gone are their chirpy sounds, which rang in the air, loud and true.

How shameful it feels to stand there,
the dusty road will tell its tale.
It's bark wearing the scattered dust,
which makes only a thin veil.

Yet, it stands erect amidst the lashing winds,
this barren, leafless oak.
Strong as ever, strong in its roots,
still breathing the air full of dust and smoke.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit