Friday, June 21, 2013

The Clouds

I thought it over and over,
but could not find it why?
The clouds would not come to me,
though I caught them in the sky.

I danced with joy,
and jumped with glee.
When I saw them,
             floating very free.

Soft as cotton,
              moist and cold.
They bring us rain,
              I thought I was told.

Where do they come from,
              where do they go?
I do not know the answers,
              to stupid questions like those!!

They stood there,
              light as a feather.
In the deep woods,
              where there was fine weather.

Up in the hills,
              they swam without any sail.
How can they fly so swift,
              without wings or tail?

Where are you bound to,
              why you run away from me?
Take me also with you,
              I too want to come with thee.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The little sparrow

The day was bright,
the room, filled with light.
A sparrow sat on my window,
chirping away with delight.

Tinged with brown,
with a coat of white.
It soaked the sun’s rays,
shining very bright.

It hovered in the air,
and turned here and there.
With little wings,
it flew gracefully in the air.

The rains came, but a drizzling pain.
In flew the sparrow,
soaking wings and tail.

With tiny eyes full of scorn,
It stood in front of me,
dripping water all along.

Beating wings and shaking head,
It sprayed water everywhere.
I gave it water, I gave it grain,
and prayed to god to stop the rain.

The sky cleared, the rains stopped their play.
The little sparrow, it flew up and down again.

So tiny a bird, so graceful indeed!!
O little sparrow, you are beautiful indeed.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Monday, June 17, 2013

Waiting for you

I opened my eyes, but you were not there.
I was left alone, awake with despair.
Alone as the dark night, lonely without the amorous moon!!
Alone as the dark room, drowned in its own gloom!!

The cold winds howled outside, made me lonelier still.
Oh dreams, they will not come to me tonight,
for they only wake up behind closed eyes.

How will l see you in my dreams, I know not.
For me there will be no sleep tonight and no dreams either.
The slumber has gone out of me,
leaving me awake, a wretched creature.

The sun will once again brighten the day,
and fill every heart with its rays.
For me the day will pass just as it came,
and night will follow soon, leaving me awake.

There will be no moments for me,
for you have taken them away from me, far with you,
where my voice will not be heard,
and neither can my eyes see you.

I will pass the days and wait for your return,
just as the stars wait for the moon to come.
They will burn there, burn all the time,
just as I burn without you in your absence.

Sitting by the candle that burns in its own heat,
I will be there waiting for you.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Song of the Swans

The night was young and tender,
and flushed with the gaze of the moon.
The young leaves swayed in harmony,
to the soft notes of the bird's tune.

The amorous wind kissed the lake,
and ripples sent the waters aflutter.
The woods became a theatre,
where a drama was played with a strong fervour.

They glided through the air,
as silent as a feather's fall.
Two swans, white as snow,
leaving the woods enthralled.

They called in unison,
their bodies danced in strong ardour.
Reflections fell on the waters of the lake,
which the ripples will take farther and farther.

They shone in the moon's light,
their bodies glowing white.
A beautiful sight they made,
in the dark and starry night.

Their song ethereal will echo,
long after they have vanished into the night.
The woods will retain it in their hearts,
long after they have taken their flight.

Whither are you bound, O heavenly swans,
no one knows, no one has a clue.
Leaving the waters of the lake upon the morn,
they will fly with swift wings,
out of the woods and out of view.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Without you....

Tears flow down the watery eyes,
the remains of a storm within.
The withered leaf falls off the chestnut tree,
the winter showing no reprieve.

The sun died away in the waters,
as the sky wore a crimson hue.
Its last rays streaked across the seas,
as the might of the evening slowly grew.

The songs have died in me, and the hopes too,
never will they sing again, never will they rhyme.
The melody has gone out of those words,
like a bell that never chimes. 

The maiden of the night embraced the earthy sphere,
as the birds flew to their lofty groves.
Stars stared at me from above,
speaking in silent and hushed tones.

Dark was the night, darker still my mind,
the moon was absent, but so were you.
The stars twinkled alone in a moonless night,
alone and lost, how I hoped you were here too.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Monday, June 3, 2013

કાગળ ની હોડી

હમણાં તો ધર્યું છે કાગળની હોડીનું રૂપ.
              આ રૂપને માણી તો લેવા દો મને....

છો દિશાહિન હોઉં, વહી જતી હું આમથી તેમ,
     ક્યારે પાંદડાઓ સાથે વ્હેતી,
     ક્યારે પત્થર પરથી સરી જતી.
              કોણ દોરી જાય છે? પૂછશો નહિ,
              ક્યાં જાઉં છું? ખબર નથી,
મારી આ સફરનો આનંદ તો લેવા દો મને.....

નીરખે છે કેટલીયે આંખો મને,
      હસતી, રમતી, મલકતી આંખો,
      જાણે કેમ કરી હસે છે મને જોઇને?
              મારું આ રૂપ શું એટલું હસાવે છે એમને?
ભલે હસતી, હસી તો લેવા દો એમને....

પાણીની સપાટી પર તરતા, તરતા, ડૂબી જઈશ,
      એ તો નક્કી જ છે.
      આશ્ચર્ય તો એ છે કે એમાં તોફાનની પણ જરૂર નથી.
જ્યાં સુધી તરુ છુ, તરી તો લેવા દો મને....

ડૂબવું હશે ત્યારે ડૂબી જઈશ,
      એજ પાણીમાં જેના પર તરી હતી હું ક્યારેક,
      વિલીન થઇ જઈશ ને રહી જશે કેવળ એક ભીનો કાગળ,
               એ કાગળ જે કદી બીજી હોડી નહિ બને,
               ભીંજાવાની પણ કેટલી મજા છે,
એ તો જોવા દો મને.....

© 2012 Abhijit Pandit 


ખરીને પડ્યો છું હું ડાળ પરથી,
હવે પવનને હવાલે થઇ ગયો છું.

ક્યાં લઇ જાય છે, ખબર નથી,
ક્યાં છે ઠેકાણું જાણતો નથી.

કોઈના પગ નીચે આવીશ,
કે નદીના પ્રવાહમાં તણાઈ જઈશ.

કોઈ ઘરના છાપરે જઈ ને પડીશ,
કે અગ્નિમાં હોમાઈ જઈશ.
શું છે નિયતિમાં ખબર નથી.

પેલા જ્હાડ પર થયોતો મારો જન્મ,
ફૂટ્યુંતું એક લીલી ડાળના ગર્ભમાંથી,
સૂર્યનો અમીરસ પીનેજ તો પાન્ગર્યુંતું,
ને ખીલ્યુંતું હું એક લીલુછમ પાંદડા રૂપે,
હવે પીળું થઇને મુર્ઝાઉ છું.
કાળની આ કેવી રમત છે, સમ્જ્હાતું નથી.

મારા જેવા બીજાયે છે, ખરતા પાંદડાઓ,
જે હવાની થપાટનો શિકાર થઇ ચુક્યા છે.
એમની નિયતિ પણ ક્યાંક મારી નિયતિને મેળ ખાય છે.
ને એમની નિયતિમાં શું છે, એમને ખબર નથી.

© 2012 Abhijit Pandit

The Lass on the water's edge

Sitting there by the water’s edge,
she broods on the day that gave her so much.
and the night that stole it all from her.

Perhaps the moon will cool her burning passions,
perhaps the nightingale will sing to her a song of joy.
Perhaps the winds will sway her hair,
which covers a face turned ashen,
perhaps the falling leaf will caress a face, timid and coy.

But the moon only stares at her from the shimmering waters,
and the winds shriek at her with a frosty face.
The nightingale flies past her without a song,
and the withering leaf rolls on the earth with a hurried pace.

In the waters that ripples besides her,
She sees him smiling away,
The beloved who left her at the waters edge,
Giving her dreams she sees night and day.

And then the memories come back and the promises too.
The waters turn into a liquid canvas,
painted with colours of every hue.

She sees him in the waters and waits for his return,
and hope against hope for the tide to turn.

Here she will relive the moments they shared together,
here she sees her dreams painted with a fine sketch.
Nobody will know why, in the cold of the night,
there sits a lass on the water’s edge.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit