Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Crumbled City

The dins of the city never did fade away,
even as the sun faded over the earthy rim.
Roads of asphalt run long and grey,
even as stony churches sing their sacred hymns.

The painted lights became strong and bold,
even as the moon stares in its sombre light.
The smoke and dust so freshly rolled,
even as the stars perform their daily rites.

The wheels run tireless in their unseen quests,
even as lonely souls trudge on and on.
Jealousy nests behind swollen chests,
even as languid eyes wore a look forlorn.

Hungry hands lay outstretched,
even as the taverns spilled with lust.
Remains of dreams lay thinly etched,
even as their ashes mingled away with dust.

The city lay in sweet reverie,
even as hopes lay asunder.
Singing songs shorn of melody,
even as thieves loot and plunder.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Romance in the Skies

Slowly the moon rose above the horizon,
blushing red like a newly-wed maiden.

It peeps into the still waters of the lake,
before the amorous senses get fully awake.

The stars twinkle and gather round,
lighting the way for a maiden newly crowned.

The thin clouds glide to and fro,
cleaning the face shining aglow.

It rests its head into the arms of night,
never letting it go out of sight.

They roam the skies and go for a walk,
high above the green vales and shimmering lochs.

This is a love story forever told,
eternally young and never getting old.

Between an amorous night and a blushing moon,
a romance springs into an eternal bloom.
                                                                                                                         © 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Siege of the Moon

The clouds will now cover a pale moon.
The moon, once bright and high, will be gone soon.

It will leave the sky dark again,
the darkness that permeates every corner, every lane.

The darkness embraces the trees too,
and envelopes the lakes, hiding them from view.

The rampaging clouds will gather in throngs,
coming in armies, a thousand strong.

The clouds, oh these scheming clouds!
casting a shadow, covering like a shroud.

These are wanderers in the night,
covered in shining armour, soft and white.

Adrift on a vagabond wind,
which flew over with noisy screams.

The moon lay hidden from view,
bereft of its rays, which it so gracefully threw.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Song of the Peasants

Sitting by the window one day,
I sang a tune which I remember to this day.

I heard it while going to the vales,
where the maidens carry water in their earthen pails.

The peasants cut the crop clean,
the sweat on their brow which is hardly seen.

Where the dust settles on the village streets,
only to be thrown away by the bullock's feet.

Dancing in circles, hand in hand,
they tell a tale of their native land.

Singing away a song so sweet,
the hills seem to sway to the rhythmic beat.

The birds stop in their flights,
the singing goes on in the moonlight.

The bells on the lass's feet cling on,
as the dancing goes on and on.

The song of the peasants echo in my ears,
so sweet a tune, I haven't heard in years.

                                                                                                     © 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Poem on Music

I wonder why they sing every day,
the farmers in the fields, cutting wheat and hay.

I wonder why the bird sings on that tree,
filling the air with its melodious tweets.

Why the baby goes to sleep,
when the mother sings a song so deep.

We feel happy when we sing,
light as a feather and soft as a wing.

Music brings joy to us all,
whether rich or poor, small or tall.

We can sing when we feel sad,
on good days and bad.

We can sing when we feel free,
and fly like a bird, singing with glee.

There is no joy greater than this,
the music in us all, which we sing with bliss.

                                                                                                           © 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Thursday, September 12, 2013

रात भर

ठहेरे हुए पलकों याद कर
करवटे लेता रहा में रात भर।
कब नींद आएगी,
इंतज़ार करता रहा में रात भर।

आखों के भीतर, उस ठहेरे हुए अँधेरे में,
इन यादो का कारवां यूं गुजरा जैसे,
गुज़र जाए कोई अंजाना मुसाफिर।
क्या मालूम उन्हें, क्या क्या निशाँ छोड़ गए
मेरी यादों की ज़मीन पे रात भर।

कभी तो गुफ्तगू कर उठता था इन यादों से,
वो सेहमे सेहमे से, हलके हलके पल,
आके सिमट जाते थे मेरी बाहों से,
आँखों में आंखे डालकर कहते वो अन्सुनी बातें।
में और मेरी यादों की आवाज़ गूंज उठती थी
उस वीरानेमें रात भर।

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Butterfly

No one saw it open its wings so wide
the butterfly that came out of its pod,
with the passage of time and tide.

No one saw who put
the colours on those delicate wings.
The wings with which it
flew on soft and gentle winds.

Who drew the sketches so fine?
The rainbow up there?
or the yellow sunshine!!!

Who gave you all those hues?
The passing winds,
or the sky so blue?

It jumped up with joy,
dancing in the air.
Sending splashes of colour,
with brilliant flares.

Flitting from flower to flower,
it drank its nectar sweet.
What a wonderful joy,
to have such a treat.

No one saw you turn
into a beautiful thing.
A thing of wonder,
coming like a whiff of spring.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Rainbow

It spreads its colours everywhere,
           the rainbow hanging in the sky.
It spreads its cheer everywhere,
           the rainbow smiling in the sky.

All the colours were on parade,
          all the colours very clearly arrayed.
Violet and red, orange and blue,
          green comes with yellow
          wearing a dress so new.

With bright eyes it smiles at the sun,
          peeping from the clouds seems so much fun.

They bow down to the earth
          in a gentle sweep.
Up there among the clouds,
          where they play hide and seek.

The wren sees it from its nest
          in the deep glens.
The bear sees it with its cubs,
          from its earthy dens.

       The beaver stops his work
          besides the river stream.
The swans wake up in their flight
          as if from a dream.

It arches itself like
          a bridge in the sky,
Where the angels walk
          and quickly go by.

It will go away
          as quickly as it came.
The rainbow in the sky,
          like a crown on a dame.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To dear father...

When you touched me for the first time, dear father,
with your hands, I still remember the warmth.

When you held my little fingers for the first time, dear father,
and took me for a walk, I still remember the steps.

When you said something in my ears, dear father,
and taught me to speak, I still remember the words.

When you gave me a toy for the first time, dear father,
and played with me, I still remember the joy.

The long walks, the fun-filled evenings,
the winter nights, when you wrapped me with a blanket
and made me warm,
I still remember the feel.

The first time I went out in this world
carrying your words of wisdom,
I still remember the eager eyes.

The first smile of yours, the first tear in your eyes,
The first pain that you bore for me,
I still remember the care.

When you scolded me for the first time, dear father,
with harsh words, I still remember the pain.

The little moments of joy and fun, of laughter and sorrow,
I can still remember the bliss.

When I grew up and you were a little older too,
the smooth caress of your hands on my head,
I can still remember the touch.

I have remembered and treasured each moment with you, dear father,
I knew you will be always there for me, when I need you.
So this day belongs to you, and only you,
So enjoy this day to the fullest.

Happy Father’s Day….

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Monday, August 12, 2013

Memories of a monsoon

The first gusts of monsoon winds blew across my face
and brought with it the sweet smell of the earth.
With it also came back memories,
memories of a distant past, when you were there with me.
You were there, but so were the rains too.

I still see the tree across the street,
the tree under which we stood to evade the rains.
But the tree was drenched and so were we,
drenched in the rains, and in each others love too.

We held ourselves in each others arms and were lost.
Lost to the outside world and lost in each other.
What beauty is there in being lost,
this losing of ourselves and
seeking ourselves in each others eyes,
the eyes which are but a window to the inner worlds,
a window and a mirror too.

I still remember the rains,
the rains that brought us together.
The memories came back and stood before me.
From where they came, I don't know.
But they still linger in some remote corner of my mind,
and bring happiness to my heart,
the heart that longs for you, but knows that you are far away,
out of sight and out of reach too.

Wish I could keep them on the window to see them all the time,
these sweet memories of mine.
Wish I could project them on a blank canvas,
and see them, relive them, enjoy them, be in them.

Yet they swirl in me, like the first gusts of monsoon winds,
that blow across my face,
and take me away to a distant past,
a distant past, when you were there with me.
You were there, but so were the rains too.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Through the open window

The open window let in the light from the night sky,
The night sky glittered by a million stars,
the million stars up there, twinkling and shining all alone,
twinkling and shining, as if burning in their own light.

Oh, how I wish to stop their twinkling and shining,
their burning from within their bright bodies!!!
How I wish to blow them away with a swish of my hand
and leave me all alone!!!
How I wish to dim their lights with a flick of my fingers
and leave the sky dark again!!!

Dark as my heart is, dark as this chamber is, without you.
Without you, I am as dark and black as the night sky up there,
the night sky glittered by a million stars,
the million stars up there, twinkling and shining all alone,
twinkling, shining, burning…. 

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The barren oak

The leafless oak stood there in all its nakedness,
as the winter bore its cruel mark.
Leaves fell in a destined array on the barren earth,
as the winds will take them far... very far.

The tangled branches shot up in the air,
alas, no one will hear their cry.
Praying, silently, for the rain to come,
staring up in the sky.

It lay its soul bare for all to see,
for all to hear, for all to feel.
But no eyes will see a barren oak,
stripped of its leaves to the last degree.

Gone are the leaves, gone is the foliage green,
gone is the shade, nobody knew when it was last seen.
Gone are the birds, gone are their nests too,
gone are their chirpy sounds, which rang in the air, loud and true.

How shameful it feels to stand there,
the dusty road will tell its tale.
It's bark wearing the scattered dust,
which makes only a thin veil.

Yet, it stands erect amidst the lashing winds,
this barren, leafless oak.
Strong as ever, strong in its roots,
still breathing the air full of dust and smoke.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Clouds

I thought it over and over,
but could not find it why?
The clouds would not come to me,
though I caught them in the sky.

I danced with joy,
and jumped with glee.
When I saw them,
             floating very free.

Soft as cotton,
              moist and cold.
They bring us rain,
              I thought I was told.

Where do they come from,
              where do they go?
I do not know the answers,
              to stupid questions like those!!

They stood there,
              light as a feather.
In the deep woods,
              where there was fine weather.

Up in the hills,
              they swam without any sail.
How can they fly so swift,
              without wings or tail?

Where are you bound to,
              why you run away from me?
Take me also with you,
              I too want to come with thee.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The little sparrow

The day was bright,
the room, filled with light.
A sparrow sat on my window,
chirping away with delight.

Tinged with brown,
with a coat of white.
It soaked the sun’s rays,
shining very bright.

It hovered in the air,
and turned here and there.
With little wings,
it flew gracefully in the air.

The rains came, but a drizzling pain.
In flew the sparrow,
soaking wings and tail.

With tiny eyes full of scorn,
It stood in front of me,
dripping water all along.

Beating wings and shaking head,
It sprayed water everywhere.
I gave it water, I gave it grain,
and prayed to god to stop the rain.

The sky cleared, the rains stopped their play.
The little sparrow, it flew up and down again.

So tiny a bird, so graceful indeed!!
O little sparrow, you are beautiful indeed.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit

Monday, June 17, 2013

Waiting for you

I opened my eyes, but you were not there.
I was left alone, awake with despair.
Alone as the dark night, lonely without the amorous moon!!
Alone as the dark room, drowned in its own gloom!!

The cold winds howled outside, made me lonelier still.
Oh dreams, they will not come to me tonight,
for they only wake up behind closed eyes.

How will l see you in my dreams, I know not.
For me there will be no sleep tonight and no dreams either.
The slumber has gone out of me,
leaving me awake, a wretched creature.

The sun will once again brighten the day,
and fill every heart with its rays.
For me the day will pass just as it came,
and night will follow soon, leaving me awake.

There will be no moments for me,
for you have taken them away from me, far with you,
where my voice will not be heard,
and neither can my eyes see you.

I will pass the days and wait for your return,
just as the stars wait for the moon to come.
They will burn there, burn all the time,
just as I burn without you in your absence.

Sitting by the candle that burns in its own heat,
I will be there waiting for you.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit