Monday, November 26, 2012

Thinking of you...

I lay on the green grass,
the thin blades caressing my cheeks,
like you caressing me with your soft hands.

I lay on the green grass,
the dew on the grass wrapping me around,
like you wrapping me in your embrace.

I lay under the azure sky,
the sky, away yet near,
like you sitting besides me in my arms, coy and shy.

I lay watching the horizon,
the horizon, away yet near,
like dreams playing behind closed eyes that we watch with fun.

I lay among the flowing winds,
the winds flowing like tresses of your hair,
now coming down on my shoulder from behind.

I think of you, now with closed eyes,
visions of you soar in front of me,
like wandering clouds in clear skies.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Tender Brook

Flow away, flow away, oh tender brook,
over rocks and grass, hills and vales,
making a way where none could make.

Flow away, flow away, oh tender brook,
gurgling with joy, slithering like a snake,
winding your way where none could make.

Flow away, flow away, oh tender brook,
bounding along with invisible legs,
cooling the earth with your fresh breath.

Flow away, flow away, oh tender brook,
kissing a grass here, slapping a stone there,
meeting another brook flowing elsewhere.

Flow away, flow away, oh tender brook,
into the wild woods which are never yet tame,
unaware of the ferocious gaze,
Flow away, flow away, oh tender brook.

© 2012 Abhijit Pandit

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Lonely Road

To walk this lonely road with you, 
I wished for,
with nothing but the mist watching and the silence wrapping us.
Birds, oh those birds, what are they whispering among themselves,
are they saying something to the still winds?
I know not.

This lonely road, on which we have walked in the past,
awaits us one more time,
for it has memories of us, 

I can feel.
I can hear in the gentle breeze that blows amongst the woods,
many whispers;
I can hear the cool earth below me singing,
many a song;
The fragrance of your flowing hair is still with me;
The dampness of your moist lips is still with me;
Echoes still ring amongst the silent hills,
Echoes, which are but mere shadows of the words that
once escaped your lips;
Echoes, those icy remains of the once warm words,
which are now frozen in your absence.
Oh, what else will haunt me, walking on this lonely road,
I know not.

I am alone, as you are, oh lonely road,
alone with your memories, and alone with my thoughts,
Let’s walk together, you and me,
You, turning here and there, running over hills and mountains,
Burning with the sun’s gaze,
Soaking in the drizzling rains,
Perhaps, a gentle breeze will soothe you with her soft hands,
Perhaps, a brook will calm you with her running passion.
Oh, what pain you bore over your broad shoulders,
I know not.

Take me where you want to,
Take me where our destiny lies.
Walk away, walk away, oh lonely road. 

© 2012 Abhijit Pandit