Friday, June 21, 2013

The Clouds

I thought it over and over,
but could not find it why?
The clouds would not come to me,
though I caught them in the sky.

I danced with joy,
and jumped with glee.
When I saw them,
             floating very free.

Soft as cotton,
              moist and cold.
They bring us rain,
              I thought I was told.

Where do they come from,
              where do they go?
I do not know the answers,
              to stupid questions like those!!

They stood there,
              light as a feather.
In the deep woods,
              where there was fine weather.

Up in the hills,
              they swam without any sail.
How can they fly so swift,
              without wings or tail?

Where are you bound to,
              why you run away from me?
Take me also with you,
              I too want to come with thee.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit